Meet QED 2020 Speakers

Patrick Kua

Chief Scientist and former CTO of N26 mobile bank. Seasoned tech leader focused on accelerating the growth and success of tech organisations.

Maurice Lisi

Head of Multichannel & CRM S/D at Intesa Sanpaolo. Passionate about digital transformation, evolving banking industry, digital strategy and CX.
Christian Rupp

Christian Rupp

An international innovation expert and leading digital adviser of more than 15 governments worldwide. He has been writing digital strategies for more than 30 years.
Elisa Urbanschitz


Experienced analyst in the risk and rating area. Passionate about technology and applying it to fit business needs.

Peter Blenninger

Division manager IT at LV1871. Seasoned tech leader with experience in financial, energy and insurance industry.

Lars Milland

Technology Lead at Nets, digital payments company. Passionate about developer productivity, scalability and maintainability of systems in the long term.

Martin Reents

Mathematician and physicist by education, involved in politics in his former life, serial entrepreneur. Founder of apaleo, hospitality SaaS startup.
Joachim Gucker

Joachim Gucker

CEO, IT-Architect and Visionary at ARS Computer und Consulting GmbH.
Nino Sapina

Nino Šapina

Co-founder and CEO of Realcast, an award-winning team that develops interactive software for extended reality.

Petar Lukačić

Librarian passionate about e-books and applying new technologies in the library. TEDxKoprivnicaLibrary organiser.
luka gauta

Luka Gauta

Business Solutions Consultant working intensively with financial sector - banking and insurance, on improving their business from IT and organisational perspective.
Gordan Gledec

Gordan Gledec

Dean and Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Computing at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, Croatia.
Nina Begicevic Redep

Nina Begičević Ređep

Faculty of Organisation and Informatics Dean and Head of Strategic Planning and Decision-Making Laboratory.

Ivan Krnić

CROZ Director of Engineering and 0800-DEVOPS newsletter editor-in-chief. Still hopes to change the world as Agile Coach.
Vedrana Miholic

Vedrana Miholić

Sales Manager at CROZ with almost 20 years of experience in different fields ranging from programming to consultancy and management.

Martina Drvar

Vice Governor, Croatian National Bank. Decades of experience at multiple leading positions at the National Bank.

Matko Čvrljak

Archaeologist passionate about application of 3D documentation, remote sensing and GIS in /underwater archaeology.
Kresimir Musa

Krešimir Musa

CTO at CROZ with extensive experience in applying agile and iterative software development methods. Agile Croatia co-founder.

Denis Jajčević

Experienced and proactive senior Software Developer
Milan Jovanovic

Milan Jovanović

Internationally experienced Engineer passionate about all things DevOps. Personal motto: How can I help you?
Martin Stenkilde

Martin Stenkilde

Director of Business Development at CROZ US subsidiary. Seasoned professional with track record in driving revenue growth.
Miroslav Resetar

Miroslav Rešetar

Experienced Software Integration Specialist, recognized and rewarded as an expert and thought leader with an IBM Champion badge.

Dragan Petric

Tech journalist, editor and analyst, with special interest in telecommunication technologies and services, mobile devices, consumer electronics, startups and digital economy.