Quality in Enterprise Development Conference

5 reasons why you should attend QED conference

It does not happen often that people name a conference focused on enterprise tech and development, rather than some well known conferenced with talks and panels dedicated to consumer tech and hot new tech trends, as the best conference they’ve ever attended.

Well, there are a couple of secret ingredients that make our QED (Quality in Enterprise Development) conference so great and we will try and list them as the reasons for coming and seeing it for yourself.

  1. Unusual Angle
    We don’t just invite speakers, fit them into some agenda, come up with a couple of panels on whatever is the most talked about topic in enterprise development and call it a conference. Each year – and we have been organizing the conference for 14 years already! – we come up with a unique and unusual angle to look at technology and enterprise companies from.

    Would you ever expect to discuss harmony on a tech conference? Or failure? Yet, both of them, as well as trust or experimenting were the key themes at our conference. In 2020 we’ve decided to tackle the topic of future, specifically Vision 20/20 – having a clear vision of the future.

  2. Bringing Together Business and Tech
    We are probably boring in how much we keep saying QED is a conference where tech and business leaders meet to learn, connect and have fun. Tech serves a role of solving a business problem in enterprise environments and both sides have to be included in the conversation.
  3. Speakers, speakers, speakers
    You could have the best topic and the perfect mix of people in the audience and still have a boring conference, or even worse, the one when more interesting conversation happens during the breaks than on the stage. That’s why we are so obsessed with the quality of speakers we bring. Just take a look at this year’s speakers line up – seasoned tech leaders, people in charge of digital transformation of leading European banks or insurance companies, entrepreneurs…


    We follow a simple principle when deciding which speakers to invite: we try and bring people we would like to meet and hear ourselves. One of them was John Cohn, IBM fellow and he impressed and influenced us for life. We’ve also had Sam Newman, cloud and continuous delivery consultant and author of the book ‘Monolith to Microservices’.
  4. Amazing Location
    Beautiful Croatian coast and late spring weather are just the perfect ‘spice’ to add to the ingredients above in the recipe for organising a conference people will be eager to claim ‘the best ever’ and come back to. Our location this year is Split and apart from being one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities – with an airport nearby it is easily reachable from anywhere in Europe.
  5. Fun
    Last but not least – not everything has to be serious when you’re attending conference. We are well known for always surprising our audience with innovative and interesting off-schedule fun activities.